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December 12th, 2004

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01:22 am - So uhmm yeah
Been so busy I've been neglecting my own community and my personal LJ. And to top it off I'm sick of as a dog.

So if any doesn't know I a mulifaceted type of gal. my style of dress, music, and aesthetic taste vary with the weather. Which in turn means I'm not able to fit in with fitting in In a span of a week I can bounce from goth to big boot wearing rivet to dark 50's to dark 40's to a lazy bum that doesn't feel like dressing up so I just throw on some damn blue jeans and Converse. Recently, on ebay I've been searching from some Victorian/Edwardian style reproduction of women's top hats to wear with my corset and frilly long skirt and granny boots. (I'm also looking for some petticotes to wear under it) But these damn hats are all so expensive. So I've decided I'm going to take a stab at making one myself. I know of a place in Manhattan where I can get a cheap top hat. I just need to get some feathers(I know I could probably get some disease ridden pigeon ones for free), black tulle, black lace or dark purple lace, and a nice broach.

Hopefully this will work and save me about a 100 bucks. I really want one of those hats. The husband said he would get a me a black parasole and matching fan to go with everything. Let's so.

Music. Recently I've been listening to Generation 80's radio on Itunes. www.javajanesworld.com. I keep hearing that ministry song I Wanted to Tell Her, off their first Album sympathy (I think it's their first.) I haven't heard it in a long while and after hearing this song so many times recently I still for some reason think its not Ministry and a trick's been played on me *laughs*.

Now I have to go get be a guinea pig in student photo shoot. (wearing black and covered in flour)


Lt. Vazquez
Current Mood: sickflu!!!!
Current Music: the sound of my scratchy voice

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